All the locals I talked to peppered their speech

I had grown up reading the once liberal New York Post. I gorged on Murray Kempton, Jimmy Cannon, and Pete Hamill. I read them all, envied them all, and wanted to be like them. “Once we get to the ice, we all trust that we all put the work in,” Allen said. “We really don’t have any expectations. We have goals.

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This is why tony brings up his of calamity in the no liar scene, because steve either didn believe him or didn care to take it seriously enough, in tony view. He didn try to stay together, didn accept the olive branches and compromises, and then they were apart, and they lost everything. Sure, tony could have tried mending fences (though, i don blame him for not trying), just as steve could have but what tony is saying, ultimately and not exactly incorrectly, is that the reason they were not together the reason that they were split in the first place when thanos came was because of steve.

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